Don’t forget to live.

Royal Oud


For Men

He was still young back then.  He wanted to experience something new and adventurous, face challenges and live an independent life. So he left home and ventured into the world.

His family was worried, of course, but they did not stop him. And so the strong and brave Tobar set off for far-flung lands, where the agarwood was more expensive than gold. On his travels he tried many professions, talked to local people about life, learned their language and customs. He lived a life of plenty and felt like a king. But after some time, he started to feel like a piece of him was missing. As if a part of Tobar had stayed at home. He missed his family and often wondered how his parents and siblings were doing. How long was it since he last saw them? Eight years, or perhaps nine? Before falling asleep, his head was a whirl of memories: how he and his brothers used to swim in the river in the summer, the parties their family and neighbours had on feast days, how they sang, danced and celebrated life until dawn. His soul yearned for everyone back home and his heart mercilessly urged him to return. He had to go back to his loved ones. He could not wait to be united with them again! Once more the sound of guitars and fiddles would fill the air, the neighbourhood would ring with joyful song.

Tobar is home at last. He can smell the familiar light scent of agarwood brought to him on the wings of gentle evening breeze. 

Treasure your family and don’t forget to live!



incense, labdanum


tobacco leaves, saffron, amber


oud, cedarwood, patchouly

Kind of fragrance

oriental, woody, tobacco

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