Don’t forget to live.




The air smelled of roses, a light breeze left small droplets of water in the air, which stuck to the skin like nearly invisible flakes of salt. Lasho looked around the sea bay and stopped rowing…

…He wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at the horizon where the sun was getting ready for its evening bath. Lasho stretched out on the bottom of the boat, his hat carelessly placed over his face. The waves of the incoming tide rocked him soothingly and a short dream stole under his heavy lids after a short while. As if someone were directing his life, Lasho found himself in a film and watched himself standing on the beach, holding a beautiful woman in his arms. Her hair smelled of the sea, her face was ablaze with excitement and her body stretched as tight as a bow string. The attraction was magical! Lasho closed his eyes and touched his lips to her velvety neck warmed by the sun. She pressed so closely against him that Lasho felt as if he would lose consciousness at any moment. His heart tried to jump out of his chest, he was unable to breathe, she melted in his arms, then suddenly – as if dissolving into thin air – her image disappeared into the foamy waves. The waves gently nudged his boat.  Lasho slowly opened his eyes. The setting sun dipped into the warm waters of the sea and he still felt the soft illusion on his lips.

Dreaming is wonderful, but don’t forget to live!



rose, jasmine, apricot, violet


rose, jasmine, apricot, violet


musk, amber, patchouli, cedar, vetiver

Kind of fragrance


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