About us

We are Gitano Cosmetics, a company with European roots and a crown that now spreads its branches throughout the world. Making niche fragrances and cosmetics has become a true passion for us. It started with trips to beautiful France, where we got the idea for our very first perfumes. We carefully select all our ingredients and import them from proven suppliers all over the world.

If you love original fragrances that differ from the classic scents in many respects, Gitano perfumes are exactly what you’re looking for: fresh fragrances of the highest quality, made from rare natural ingredients. They contain, for example, captivating agarwood, refreshing and energetic vetiver, exotically tantalizing ylang-ylang orchid or tenderly powdery iris.

Stand out from the crowd and delight in the magic of the imaginative scents of Gitano ladie’s, men’s and unisex fragrances. They will accentuate your classy tastes and awaken in you a stylish uniqueness. We fell for them long ago, and we would be greatly pleased if you also find yourself in our fragrances from Gitano Cosmetics.

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