Don’t forget to live.

Amor & Psyché



In a mighty kingdom, in a country far to the east, there were three princesses. The youngest was called Psyche and she was so beautiful, that her unearthly charm even eclipsed Aphrodite the goddess of beauty.

The entire kingdom soon spoke of Psyche’s beauty and news of her charm even reached the gods in Olympus. Even though he was a god himself, Aphrodite’s son Amor was so captivated by Psyche’s beauty that he fell in love with her and desired to make her his wife, despite his mother forbidding it.

This made Aphrodite very angry – her divine son cannot and must not love a human! With the help of the ruler of the underworld, she placed a spell of eternal sleep on Psyche. At that very moment, the beautiful Psyche fell to the ground, lifeless.  Amor, who was imprisoned in his mother’s palace as punishment, suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart. He missed his gentle beauty and so he escaped from the palace and flew to the earth to search for his beloved. He soon found the lifeless body of unfortunate Psyche. He wrapped his wings around her, removed the eternal sleep from her eyes and gently kissed her on the lips. Psyche woke in Amor’ strong arms, happy that the evil spell had been removed. They then both hurried to Olympus to ask the gods to permit their marriage. Even Aphrodite took pity on them – she realised that she could not prevent their love and arranged a wedding for Amor and Psyche that was celebrated in song and story for many years.

Fight for your love and don’t forget to live!



blackcurrant, apple, pineapple, bergamot


birch, patchouli, rose, jasmine


amber, musk, moss, vanilla

Kind of fragrance

fruity, chypre

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